Covid 19 Updates

To our Members

Use CTFCU’s bill payor and online banking to pay bills, check balances, transfer funds and much more. You may find it easier to do your banking remotely. Please visit our website The Community & Teachers Federal Credit Union is monitoring the changing events related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Credit union management meets weekly to review the most current changes and recommendations by federal, state and local authorities. The credit union will review and respond to all changes that are needed. The Community & Teachers Federal Credit Union has Business Continuation, Security and Computer Policies to ensure that our commitment to provide you with the service and financial security you depend on.

Business Continuity

While the actual impact of the evolving Coronavirus remains to be seen, we continue to review and adjust our business continuity plans and do not anticipate any significant disruption in service at this time.

Outside and Third-Party Vendors

Third Party vendors that are used by the credit union are working to update changes to this on-going coronavirus crisis daily. This includes their business continuity plans and their overall operations.


While the credit union understands the risk and the possible uncertainties of the Coronavirus crisis it is ready to respond with its financial strength and experienced staff to ensure its progress during this difficult time. Our commitment is to our members and each other.